is proud to sponsor 

Tennis Pro Express, 

NC Tennis Community Association

Our Mission

 To promote & develop the Growth of Tennis in the Local Communities,

by providing tennis programs and events everywhere possible for all people to enjoy tennis as a lifetime sport!

 To Bring Neighborhood Tennis Communities To Life by creating as many Local Tennis Clubs as possible!

We also foster international exchange, multicultural understanding in the Local Communities by building

Cultural bridges between US and the rest of the World through Game of Tennis!

Travel, Play Tennis, Live Better, Live Longer!

Our Goal 

To Connect with the Local Communities & Create Tennis Programs Designed for their Specific Needs!

To Organize Kid's Tennis Clubs at Schools, Parks, Youth Centers, or Tennis Facilities

To Organize & Promote Tennis Festivals & Community Tennis Play Days!

To Share Our Experience With Local Coaches & Team Captains!

To Offer Quality Family, Individual & Group Tennis Lessons

To Bring Your Tennis Community & Tennis Game To Life!

To Create Specific Programs & Clinics For Kids & Adults 

  To Organize Neighborhood Kids' & Adult Tennis Clubs

To Coordinate Junior Tennis Teams, Adult Leagues;

To Host Play Exchanges with other Kids' Clubs

   @ Your Local Neighborhood Tennis Courts!